Tale of a Shipwreck

Tale of a Shipwreck

Adventures in the Wake of the Bounty

by James Norman Hall, W. Alister MacDonald (Illustrator)
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
©1934, Item: 92413
Hardcover, 164 pages
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James Norman Hall, one of the authors of Mutiny on the Bounty and Men Against the Sea, set sail in August, 1933, from his home in Tahiti for his first visit to Pitcairn Island. He reached his goal, but a few days later was shipwrecked during a fierce gale in the dead of night on an uninhabited coral island. In simple, vivid prose he describes that black night of wind and rain, tells how they got ashore, and finally sailed in open boats to the nearest uninhabited land. There followed a reproduction in miniature of Captain Bligh's experience described in Men Against the Sea. Hall and his shipmates—like the loyal Bounty crew—made the homeward voyage in a cutter hardly larger than Bligh's open boat.

This is not only a thrilling tale of shipwreck, it is a new voyage of discovery into the whole story of the Bounty and her crew. Hall went to Pitcairn to hobnob with those ghosts of the past, to talk with their descendants, who look like pirates and talk English with a Biblical flavor. Supplementing his researches by personal observation, he has recreated the entire history of the island.

This story originally appeared in The Atlantic Monthly under the title 'From Med to Mum.'

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