At the Edge of the Village

At the Edge of the Village

Musings of a Missionary Wife

by Lisa Leidenfrost
Publisher: Canon Press
Trade Paperback, 210 pages
Price: $17.00

Historical Setting: 21st Century

Being a missionary in Ivory Coast, West Africa is not only about dangers, hard work, and culture shock, interspersed with moments of high joy and deep sorrow. It is life found in the small and daily things, the quotidian experience which renders familiar a vastly different way of life, a life at the edge of the village.

This book collects Lisa Leidenfrost's sketches of missionary life, compiled from letters sent home from Ivory Coast to her church in the United States, and they tell of the ordinary and extraordinary, the solemn and the playful, the mundane and the exotic, together creating a down-to-earth portrait of the gospel at work in a family and society.

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