How I Know God Answers Prayer

How I Know God Answers Prayer

by Rosalind Goforth
Revised, ©2001, ISBN: 9781928915157
Trade Paperback, 127 pages
Price: $5.99

We are taught that God answers prayer But how can we know He does?

The answer lies in a daily walk with the Lord, trusting Him to provide, protect, and care for even the smallest troubles of His people.

How I Know God Answers Prayer describes how a missionary couple found God's provision in a violent period of China's history. It clearly dmonstrates God's intervention in our world.

Rosalind and Jonathan Goforth were on the front lines of the Boxer rebellion in 1900-01, and they saaw the mighty hamd of God respond to fervent prayers.

Time after time, they were forced to their knees when faced with a desperate need. They often heard of other missionaries' being tortured or killed.

This book tells how God met their needs and struggles. You will be challenged by Mrs. Gosforth's testimony of how the Almighty God cares for His children when they express their dependence on Him through prayer.

Excerpt (pages 65-67):

"What this proposition meant to me can scarcely be understood by those unfamiliar with China and Chinese life. Smallpox, diphtheria, scarlet fever, and other contagious diseases are chronic epidemics; and China, outside the parts ruled by foreigners, is absolutely devoid of sanitation.
"Four of our children had died. To take the three little ones, then with me, into such conditions and danger seemed literally like stepping with them over a precipice in the dark and expecting to be kept. But, on the other hand, I had the language and experience for just such work, the need was truly appalling, and there was no other woman to do it. In my innermost soul I knew the call had come from God, but I would not pay the price. My one plea in refusing to enter that life was the risk to the children.
"Again and again my husband urged that "the safest place" for myself and the children "was the path of duty"; that I could not keep them in our comfortable home at Changte, but "God could keep them anywhere." Still I refused. Just before reaching our station he begged me to reconsider my decision. When I gave a final refusal, his only answer was: "I fear for the children."
"The very day after reaching home our dear Wallace was taken ill. For weeks we fought for his life; at last the crisis passed and he began to recover. Then my husband started off alone on his first trip! He had been gone only a day or two when our precious baby Constance, a year old, was taken down with the same disease that Wallace had. From the first there seemed little or no hope. The doctors, a nurse, and all the little mission circle joined in the fight for her life. Her father was sent for, but arrived just as she was losing consciousness. A few hours later, when we were kneeling round her bedside waiting for the end, my eyes seemed suddenly opened to what I had been doing: I had dared to fight against Almighty God."
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