Peace Child

Peace Child

by Don Richardson
Publisher: Regal Books
4th Edition, ©2005, ISBN: 9780764215612
Trade Paperback, 256 pages
Price: $15.99

Imagine sharing the gospel with cannibals who admire Judas's betrayal more than Jesus' sacrifice.

"You and your ancestors are not the only ones who found that peace required a peace child. The Spirit whose message I bear has declared the same thing—true peace can never come without a peace child! Never!"

Among the headhunting Sawi of Irian Jaya, treachery was an ideal that generations of their people had perfected. The heroes of Sawi legend weren't those who took the greatest number of heads in battle or ambush, but those who were the most deceitful in befriending their victims before they took their heads.

When missionaries Don and Carol Richardson searched for the key that would open the gospel to the Sawi, God moved in a stunning way. He revealed His true Peace Child—the ideal fulfillment of the Sawi's own redemptive analogy. Peace Child chronicles the agony—and the triumph—of the Richardsons' unforgettable sojourn among the people loved by God.

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