Your Questions Answered: Narration

Your Questions Answered: Narration

by Sonya Shafer
Perfectbound, 120 pages
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Narration is a can’t-do-without method in your Charlotte Mason home school. You can use it for many school subjects in a variety of ways, tweak it to meet different needs, apply it in different situations, and effectively accommodate different levels of learning.

Narration is such a powerful and flexible tool that it often raises questions. So we’ve collected our best answers from years of blog posts, web pages, and conversations in this one book. We’ve organized them all together—plus added new material—to give you a handy, practical reference.

If you have questions about narration, you’ll find helpful answers in

  • the simple overview, 5 Steps to Successful Narration;
  • the complete series on Narration Q & A, covering more than 65 questions;
  • more than 15 follow-up bonus questions and answers not previously posted on our blog;
  • sample narrations and narration questions, alternative narration ideas, rubrics for evaluating written narrations;
  • three popular posts from our archives with more narration tips: Do Not Bury Yourself in the Book, Relating and Rambling, and Narration with Auditory and Speech Issues;
  • and a brand new chapter, A Whole World of Thought.

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