Enjoying the Early Years - Book & DVD Set

Enjoying the Early Years - Book & DVD Set

A Charlotte Mason Preschool Handbook

by Sonya Shafer, Karen L. Smith
©2009, Item: 77002
Mixed Media, 143 pages
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Nurture your preschooler with Charlotte Mason’s gentle ways!

Get both The Early Years: A Charlotte Mason Preschool Handbook and the Enjoying the Early Years workshop 2-DVD set for a special bundle price!

  • Use the DVD set to overview the two duties of parents and gain lots of practical tips and ideas.
  • Watch the demonstration and feel prepared to gently help your child each step of the way to reading as he is ready.
  • Share the DVDs with your spouse to give him or her a clear picture of how to make the preschool years a quiet growing time.
  • Soak in Charlotte’s own words about how to enjoy the Early Years with the complete user-friendly reference book—including the full description of how to teach your child to read, Charlotte’s thoughts on Kindergarten, ideas for beginning handwriting, and more.
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