Laying Down the Rails for Yourself

Laying Down the Rails for Yourself

Good Habits Are Not Just for Kids

by Sonya Shafer
Trade Paperback, 154 pages
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You can successfully instill good habits in your own life!

It’s never too late to cultivate good habits! This compelling combination of vivid word pictures and descriptions from Charlotte Mason, helpful insights from modern research, and practical ideas from life experience will show you how you can successfully instill habits in your own life.

Discover how habits are

  • like railroad tracks, making your days run smoother and easier.
  • a powerful lever, enabling you to do things you never thought you could.
  • like a well-trained horse, helping you overcome your natural tendencies.
  • the result of conflict, teaching you the secrets of strengthening your will power.
  • a parent’s business, pointing out how habit-training yourself is different from habit-training your child.
  • little hammers, shaping and molding who you are becoming.
  • a thing of now, encouraging you to start today!

“Many adults face daily struggles because no one took the time and effort to help instill good habits in their lives when they were young. If you are one of those struggling adults, or if you simply want to keep growing by laying down new rails toward other good ends in your life, this book is for you.” — Sonya Shafer

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