Learning and Living Workshop - DVD set

Learning and Living Workshop - DVD set

Homeschooling the Charlotte Mason Way

by Sonya Shafer
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Please Note: this DVD set is no longer available in physical form, instead sold as streaming video (with digital download book) for $69. The book is available separately for $17.95. One of the two sets we have has a clean book and is priced at $65, the other's book has been written in, and is marked at $47.

Learning and Living: Homeschooling the Charlotte Mason Way brings you practical help and lots of encouragement for your children’s education. This series of videos, recorded live at an SCM conference in Jacksonville, Florida, is designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence you need to teach your children the Charlotte Mason way—all the way through high school.

Session 1: Meet Charlotte Mason and Her Methods (50 minutes)
Charlotte’s methods are simple and effective. Learn about who Charlotte was and try some of her methods for yourself.

Session 2: Living Books and Narration (50 minutes)
Living books and narration make learning stick. Discover what makes a living book “living” and practice using one to narrate.

Session 3: Learning with Books (45 minutes)
Now that you know how to use living books effectively, find out which school subjects depend on them, along with other techniques to keep learning enjoyable.

Session 4: Learning with Language (45 minutes)
Increase your confidence as you get a firm grasp on language arts the Charlotte Mason way. Plus, discover her wonderful method for teaching foreign languages!

Session 5: Learning with Things (35 minutes)
Art, music, nature, handicrafts—so many fascinating things are around us! Learn how to include these things as you spread the feast of ideas for your student.

Session 6: Laying Down the Rails: The Power of Good Habits (70 minutes)
Good habits are the secret to smooth and easy days. Find out how to instill them, along with practical tips for Charlotte’s Top Three habits.

Sessions 7 & 8: A CM-Style Morning of Studies (110 minutes)
Witness Charlotte Mason methods in action! Experience a morning of studies and see what this style of education actually looks like. These two discs walk you through the studies in real time, so you can participate along with the conference attendees.

Session 9: Reflections on a Charlotte Mason Education (30 minutes)
Compare Charlotte Mason to other homeschooling styles and explore some key principles that were evident throughout the morning of studies—ideas that can make a big difference in your own home school!

Session 10: Four Ways to Destroy Your Child’s Love for Knowledge (20 minutes)
Now that you have experienced Charlotte Mason-style studies, you will better appreciate Charlotte’s comments on four ways you can destroy your child’s love for knowledge. (This session was not part of the live conference, but we think the information is so valuable that we have included it in the DVD set as a special bonus disc.)

Session 11: Putting It All Together (35 minutes)
A wide variety of subjects is essential to spreading the feast for your student. Learn how to put it all together to schedule a delightful week of studies with these hands-on guidelines.

Session 12: Navigating the High School Years (75 minutes)
Yes, you can homeschool the Charlotte Mason way through high school! Gain encouragement and practical insights for staying the course and finishing well.

Learning and Living Notebook
More than 180 pages of notes, samples, and ideas in a handy spiral notebook that corresponds to the 12 sessions. Plus, a For Further Study section with passages from Charlotte’s writings that relate to the topics discussed throughout the sessions. One spiral-bound notebook is included in the beautiful boxed set of DVDs, or in e-book format with the digital download.

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