Charlotte Mason's Living Math - DVD

Charlotte Mason's Living Math - DVD

A Guided Journey

by Richele Baburina, Sonya Shafer
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Join Richele Baburina and Sonya Shafer as they demonstrate step by step how Charlotte Mason taught math in a practical and life-related way from beginning numbers through fractions.

This parent resource is designed to help you fully grasp the methods Charlotte used to teach math. With these videos you will

  • See how Charlotte Mason infused math lessons with living ideas.
  • Learn how to teach elementary arithmetic without an expensive curriculum, or gather ideas to supplement your curriculum of choice.
  • Discover how short, focused math lessons can reinforce good habits.
  • Gain confidence to guide your student in steady math progress at his own pace.

Video Contents

More than 3-1/2 hours of practical living math demonstrations.

  1. Introduction to Living Math (17 minutes)
  2. Numbers (25 minutes)
  3. Money (17 minutes)
  4. Notation and Place Value (22 minutes)
  5. Addition and Subtraction Tables (12 minutes)
  6. Mental Arithmetic (11 minutes)
  7. Addition with Larger Numbers (18 minutes)
  8. Subtraction (15 minutes)
  9. Multiplication (10 minutes)
  10. Constructing Multiplication Tables (14 minutes)
  11. Advanced Multiplication (13 minutes)
  12. Division (20 minutes)
  13. Fractions (7 minutes)
  14. Paper Sloyd (19 minutes)
  15. In Conclusion (1 minute)

Pair this video set with the complete reference book, Mathematics: An Instrument for Living Teaching, for all the details on teaching math the Charlotte Mason way.

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