Western Port Ferries Past and Present

Western Port Ferries Past and Present

and Captain Clarke, their most notable skipper

by Arthur E. Woodley
Publisher: Hill of Content
Trade Paperback, 125 pages
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WESTERN PORT FERRIES tells the story of a unique service plying the waters of Western Port [in Victoria, Australia] from earliest times to the present day. To meet the demands of settlement and development in and around an inaccessible, but unusually rich and beautiful district, there came an interesting procession of very different small craft. These ranged from the elegant sailing ships and agile paddle-boats of the early days to the versatile steam ferries of this century and today's hydrofoils. As interesting as the ferries themselves, were the men who manned them. Outstanding among these was Captain Jimmy Clarke who spent most of his long life with the ferries and gave to the service much of the colour and stamina of his own personality.

Arthur Woodley was born at Western Port in 1930 and grew up among the ferries. Like his father who served on them before enlistment and death in World War II, the author became a ship's carpenter. After a number of years away he has now returned to Western Port where he conducts his own shipwright and boat-repair business. He maintains a lively interest in maritime and local history and writes for nautical magazines and press.

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