Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries Volume Two

Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries Volume Two

From Resurrection to Revolution

A Biblical World History Curriculum - Volume Two
by Diana Waring
2nd Edition, ©2007, ISBN: 9781930514423
Trade Paperback, 397 pages
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Historical Setting: 30-1799 A. D.

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Students of history, prepare to embark on a year of unforgettable adventures. If you enjoyed the REVISED Ancient Civilizations and the Bible Student Manual, you will love the new Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries curriculum. With a multigrade, diverse approach to history, Diana Waring's materials incorporate hundreds of unique activities targeting students' individual learning styles and interests—allowing them personal ownership of their education.

The Period:

From the Roman Empire to the French Revolution, God is turning the tides of human destiny in miraculous ways. The church of Jesus Christ explodes throughout the world; uncharted regions are explored, distant cultures are united, religious wars burst into flame; technology, medicine, philosophy and art sweep nations into bitter turmoil and proud independence. Through it all, God is moving behind the scenes to accomplish His purposes, inviting kings and peasants alike into His kingdom.

The Approach:

The REVISED Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries curriculum is specially designed for students of every learning style. Whether your student is a bookworm, athlete, daydreamer, artist, builder, chef or rocket scientist, Diana skillfully weaves their interests into the fabric of history: geography, art, research projects, reading, writing, storytelling, cooking, music, architecture, movement, theatre and a host of other threads tie them into God's ornate tapestry. Taking advantage of the latest medical research and practical discoveries regarding how people learn, Diana incorporates Learning Modalities, Learning Styles (Meyers-Briggs system) and the Eight Intelligences into every Unit for a tailor fit.

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