Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries - What in the World? CD

Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries - What in the World? CD

by Diana Waring
3rd Edition, ©2008, Publisher Catalog #881994003259
Audio CD
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A Judeo-Christian Primer of World History, newly revised and expanded!

The Legend

The Dark Ages were named for a reason. A shroud of mystery confuses the actual events of this tumultuous era with the fairy world of castles and knights, dragons, plagues, and epic battles distilled from Medieval legend, illusion replacing fact.

The Loss

Insulated in our Age of Information, we are removed from the struggles of the monarchs, priests, and explorers whose lives form the foundation of our modern society. Few appreciate the events between the time of the Early Church and the Enlightenment or their effect on philosophy, education, religion, and politics of today.

The Illumination

Now you can learn. Diana Waring's lifelong pursuit of history's hidden treasures is available to you in her quick-witted, enthusiastic storytelling on four compact discs. Discover the truth behind the fables of emperors, popes, rebels, and dreamers who changed the course of nations. Witness the sovereign hand of God guiding human civilization from the fall of Rome to the Age of Revolutions.
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