Ancient Civilizations & the Bible - Digging Deeper CDs

Ancient Civilizations & the Bible - Digging Deeper CDs

by Diana Waring
3rd Edition, ©2008, Publisher Catalog #881994003303
Audio CD
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This 3-CD set provides an in-depth look at fascinating and facts and ancient secrets from history. In Diana Waring's popular storytelling style, you will learn about:

  • Noah's Ark - How was the Ark built? How did they live on the Ark? Where is the Ark now?
  • The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - How were they built? When were they built? What biblical connections are there?
  • The First Christmas - How was this the right time in history for Jesus to be born? What historical documents give us insight into this time? Why didn't the Pharisees recognize Jesus?

Listen and find the answers!

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