Proverbs People Book One

Proverbs People Book One

A Practical Workbook of Character Studies from the Book of Wisdom

by Rick Boyer, Marilyn Boyer
Publisher: Learning Parent
Consumable Workbook, 137 pages
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Essentially a study of the book of Proverbs for children (and originally designed as such by Rick and Marilyn Boyer for their own kids), Proverbs Peopleguides young students through twenty-eight lessons each revolving around a virtue or vice discussed by Solomon. Book One covers 13 character types, while Book Two covers 15—all of them designed to guide children away from ungodly behavior and toward a life of wisdom and obedience to Christ and His Law.

For every character type, parents and children read a passage of Proverbs and children answer questions about each verse. (Answers may be recorded in the books or discussed orally.) Then there is a story illustrating the character type just covered which parents read aloud—or older kids read to themselves or younger siblings—followed by application questions to help kids relate the material to their own lives. A "fun quiz" at the end of each section reinforces key concepts (answers are included in the text), and finally there is a page to color that clearly expresses a related virtue. The text is reproducible for use within one's own family so you don't need a separate book for each child.

Some families may want to modify the illustration stories in each section to make them more appealing to older kids, or even come up with their own that may be more pertinent to the family's specific situation. The questions are fairly basic, but excellent for introducing youngsters to the concept of getting the most out of Bible reading (and not just reading for surface content). Other character courses may cover more ground, but few are as Bible-based and easy to implement as this one. An equally good choice for Bible study, Bible or character curriculum, and family devotions, Proverbs Peopleis a great way to start your kids on the path of wisdom and virtue from their youngest years.

Book One covers:

  • Slothful vs. Diligent
  • Righteous vs. Wicked
  • The Five Fools
  • The Wise Man
  • The Prudent Man
  • Liar vs. Faithful Witness
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