Hands-On Dad

Hands-On Dad

by Rick Boyer
Publisher: Learning Parent
Trade Paperback, 155 pages
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The value of The Hands-On Dadis that author Rick Boyer explores the biblical role of fathers, not just the role of homeschool dads. Of course, he applies that role to a homeschool situation, but not before making general principles that very godly man with a family should think about and observe. He identifies seven major roles of fathers and explores the ways men can fulfill each of them despite the many demands on his time and energy, and without simply taking up slack left by his wife.

Father and mother roles are distinct, he argues, but instead of simply falling back on traditionalist views he looks at what the Bible has to say, and modifies his advice accordingly. Of course, his own opinion comes through from time to time, but he admits that he doesn't know everything and that what he writes is human and liable to fallibility. Mostly he focuses on the spiritual aspects of leadership, with forays into the father as motivator, teacher, protector and disciplinarian.

With 13 kids at the time of writing, Rick Boyer is well-equipped to discuss the nature of fatherhood. While his writing style leaves quite a bit to be desired (he goes overboard trying to be conversational and personable), he has a lot of biblical and experiential wisdom, though he's quick to assert that most of the good ideas in the book came from his wife Marilyn. Which kind of undercuts the purpose of The Hands-On Dad, to help fathers reassert their God-ordained role within the family and lead as they ought. Nevertheless, it's a quick read with plenty of good advice sure to at least get dads thinking about what they're supposed to be doing and how well they're doing it.

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