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We can't promise that these books will turn your kid into another Eric Joisel, but they'll sure have fun making some pretty cool things!

Eric Joisel:


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Paper Crafts & Origami
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Animal Origami
by Fumiaki Shingu
from Mud Puddle Books
for 2nd-6th grade
$4.00 (1 in stock)
Animated Origami Faces
by Joel Stern
from Dover Publications
for 4th-8th grade
Civil War Paper Soldiers in Full Color
by A. G. Smith
from Dover Publications
for 2nd-5th grade
in American Civil War (1860-1865) (Location: HISA-19CW)
Cut & Assemble a Medieval Castle
by A. G. Smith
from Dover Publications
for 4th-7th grade
Fun with Easy Origami
by Dover
from Dover Publications
for 3rd-6th grade
God's Special Tent
by Jean Stapleton
from Christian Focus Publications
for 3rd-6th grade
in Bible Activities for Kids (Location: BIBR-ACT)
M.C. Escher Kaleidocycles
Box from Purple Pomegranate Productions
for 6th-Adult
in Great Artists (Location: ELE-ARTISTS)
$16.00 (1 in stock)
My Book of Little House Paper Dolls
by Laura Ingalls Wilder
from HarperFestival
for 2nd-6th grade
in Little House Materials (Location: LIR-LHM)
Origami Paper
from Melissa & Doug Toys
for 1st-4th grade