Dispelling the Tyranny

Dispelling the Tyranny

Struggle for Freedom Series #2
by Piet Prins
Trade Paperback, 152 pages
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Historical Setting: The Netherlands, 16th Century

"Father! Mother! I saw Count Lodewyk! He rode through the city on a black horse!" Martin shouted, as he dashed into the humble home where his parents were eating supper. "The cavalry followed him, and everywhere he went, the people cheered him on!" Martin's eyes sparkled with excitement.

"Calm down young man, and mind your manners," his father admonished. "You are more than an hour late and Mother was quite worried about you. Why are you so late?"

Martin blushed. "I had to deliver ten feet of cloth to a customer," he mumbled.

"Is that the only reason you are late?" his father asked.

Martin's face turned even redder. "No Father," he replied honestly. "On my way back I saw Count Lodewyk with his cavalry, so I ran after him with some other boys. I was so excited and happy. Everyone says that the Count is going to invade the Netherlands because the Prince of Orange asked him to. Maybe we can return to our own home soon!"

Mr. Meulenberg relaxed. "We are very happy to hear this, Son," he said, no longer angry. "It would be wonderful if we could return to our homeland and have the Gospel freely preached as well. I can understand that on hearing this good news you forgot to pay attention to the time. But let's not get too excited yet. We still have to deal with the Duke of Alva and his Spanish soldiers. There isn't a stronger army anywhere in the world!"

"The Lord can destroy his army," Mrs. Meulenberg said quietly.

Her husband nodded. "You are quite right, Mother, but we don't know if His time has come. Oh, if only freedom were at hand."

A sequel to When The Morning Came, this book takes readers to Count Lodewijk's ill-fated attempt to invade the Netherlands and chase out the Spanish oppressors in 1581. Young Martin Meulenberg and his father flee for their lives when the enemy tries to overtake them. The story unfolds with intrigue and drama.

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