When the Morning Came

When the Morning Came

Struggle for Freedom Series #1
by Piet Prins
Trade Paperback, 158 pages
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Historical Setting: The Netherlands, 16th Century

This series tells the story of a boy and his family during the Roman Catholic persecution of the Reformed Christians in the Netherlands during the late 16th century. A peddler, secretly distributing Reformed books from village to village, drops a booklet forbidden by the Roman Catholic authorities and an evil neighbor sees the book and informs. . .

A very interesting and informative book in which the author weaves his historical story around the life and times of 12-year old Martin Meulenberg and his family. The Meulenbergs flee (in the 1560s) from the scrutiny of the Spanish Inquisition to Embden in Northwestern Germany. It is from there that Martin and his father participate in the liberation of their hometown. This children's book is an excellent introduction to a bloody episode in Holland's sixteenth-century history.

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  Better Than I Thought...
Johan of OH, 2/10/2011
Altho I grew up on Piet Prins' books, I can't recall reading any of these stories about Martin. And I must say I've missed a lot! The story (see description) is better than I thought it would be and shows a boys dependency upon the Lord, while He works out His purposes in the boy's life. Wonderful reading!
To my honest opinion it's better than Scout, simply because it's more focussed on the boy's faith, persecution and the Lord's hand in everything.