Scout: The Secret of the Swamp

Scout: The Secret of the Swamp

Scout Series
by Piet Prins
Trade Paperback, 223 pages
Price: $10.95

Historical Setting: The Netherlands, WWII

It’s a tense time in Nazi-occupied Holland, and Tom, together with his friends Carl and Bert and his talented dog Scout, are involved in frightening situations as the Nazis go about their sinister work. Scout’s tracking ability and intelligence are invaluable as he rescues Tom as well as others. When Allied Canadian troops finally enter the area to liberate their village, fighting intensifies and the boys overhear a German plot. They realize it’s up to them and Scout to save the Canadians from an ambush, but can they trek through the dark, dangerous swamp in time?

Full of danger and bravery, this book vividly portrays the terrors of occupation, all the while showing the peace that comes from the Lord.

This is the first of the Scout series, by Dutch author Piet Prins.

—adapted from a review by Annie Kate (used with permission)

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  A Good Book
Reece of Washougal, 8/25/2016
Scout, The Secret of the Swamp is set in WWII. It is about a dog named Scout and his owner. They help the Allied troops, but I'm not going to tell you how because I don't want to give anything away. I liked this book. I would recommend this book to people who like animals and historical fiction.
Beatrice Middleton of Washington, 7/31/2016
The first time I heard about this book I was not interested, but then it was given to me at a homeschool conference. So I started to read it and as I was caught into the story I could not put it down. Now because I first read the book and shared my enthusiasm for it with my family, all my siblings love it as well. Every time I read this book it is like an new adventure all over again.
I think it is very nice how when Tom is in great danger he turns to God for protection and that we should too.
Johan of OH, 2/10/2011
I'm glad I found these books in English! I grew up with them while I lived in Holland and now I can get them for my daugher(s). This is the first of the Scout series and is pretty easy to read. Almost each chapter has it's own charm and keeps your attention to the story. The main character isn't really the dog, but the boy, Tom, who lives in Holland in World War 2. Every time he sees his dependency on the Lord. Worth a try.. specially since it's free!