Scout: The Flying Phantom

Scout: The Flying Phantom

Scout Series
by Piet Prins
Trade Paperback, 142 pages
Price: $10.95

Historical Setting: The Netherlands, 1940s A. D.

When Tom and his friends Bert and Carl set out on an adventure over spring vacation, they are only looking for a good time. But soon a series of baffling events draws them inexorably into another mystery.
What connection is there between a dangerous poacher, a police cap on top of a tower, a host of unsolved burglaries, and a mysterious fire? Is the fearsome character who walks on the swamp the ghost of the legendary Flying Phantom? Or is it something or someone else?

Join the boys, Tom's dog, scout, and their mutual friend Captain Brandenburg as they muster courage, tenacity, and with to track a very unusual kind of criminal.

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  Great Read for Boys
Amy of Olympia WA, 9/21/2011
This series will definitely keep your boys' interest. Good, wholesome adventure stories!