Buffalo Bill

Buffalo Bill

by Frank Beals, Jack Merryweather (Illustrator)
1959 Edition, ©1943, Item: 86732
Hardcover, 252 pages
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"I want a job—a real job with a wagon train," young Bill Cody said to Alec Majors, who hired all the men working for the great wagon-train company. "I'm almost twelve years old. I can ride and shoot as well as a man."

He won the job he wanted, and held, his own with the old-timers of the plains. Two years later he was chosen as one of the riders of the Pony Express. Though the youngest of them all, he outrode and outshot his enemies and brought the mail through on time.

When the company building the first railroad across the plains needed a hunter to supply their men with meat, they hired Bill Cody. His success won him the name "Buffalo Bill."

As dashing chief scout for the Fifth Cavalry of the United States Army, he had thrilling adventures with the Indians.

This swift-moving, exciting story of life on the Western plains in the early days of their settlement is historically accurate and vivid in detail.

—from the dust jacket

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