Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone

by Edna McGuire, Jack Merryweather (Illustrator)
©1945, Item: 87094
Library Binding, 252 pages
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The story of the growth of America is told in the deeds of men and women moving westward in search of new land, new homes, and greater opportunities. The sturdy pioneers settled frontiers and bravely defended them. They endured dangers and hardships to make these regions part of the United States.

Daniel Boone was one of these freedom-loving, home-seeking pioneers. Again and again he pushed out to a new frontier. He fought boldly in defense of his home. He faced with high courage the hardships of the frontier.

This story is written so that girls and boys may know Daniel Boone and understand the deeds of thousands of other pioneers like him. Their courage and daring made America a land of freedom and opportunity.

—Edna McGuire, from the book

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