Portugee Phillips and the Fighting Sioux

Portugee Phillips and the Fighting Sioux

by A. M. Anderson, Jack Merryweather
Publisher: Harper & Row
©1960, Item: 86686
Hardcover, 172 pages
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This is a story of Portugee Phillips and his daring ride for help. Here is the little army fort cut off by thousands of redskins. Here is the long trail, the warpath trail of the fighting Sioux.

This is a true story of the Old West. Of courage and devotion to duty.

Portugee Phillips' ride still stands without equal in the history of our country. He was a man of the old trails, a man's man.


"The redskins are up to something. You may not have seen them. But take it from me, when you see no Indians—look out!" Portugee Phillips thus warned a group of "greenhorns" on their first trip through the Sioux country. Portugee Phillips knew the Sioux and his help and bravery aided the new settlers in the west.

No man, they said, could make the two hundred and thirty-six mile ride to Fort Laramie for help. Not in the dead of winter in the freezing cold of a blizzard. But one man — Portugee Phillips — did make this daring ride to save Fort Phil Kearney, and it stands without equal in the history of our country.

—from the dust jacket

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