Veritas Press Chronicles through Malachi and Job - Set

Veritas Press Chronicles through Malachi and Job - Set

by Marlin Detweiler, Laurie Detweiler
Publisher: Veritas Press
©1998, Item: 2866
Curriculum Bundle
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This series moves chronologically through the Bible with great art and references to other materials you can use. Short jingles on the backs of the cards set to music on the CD help your students memorize names, dates, places and events, which gives them a tool for understanding how God is working today and what he has done in many past events. The Home Teacher Edition provides projects, worksheets, and tests to go along with the cards and additional reading material. There are 32 cards in this series, allowing for a 36 week school calendar with a week at the end of each quarter for review and testing. Designed to correlate with the Veritas history materials.


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