Take a Stand! Medieval Civilizations - Teacher & Student Set

Take a Stand! Medieval Civilizations - Teacher & Student Set

by John De Gree
Publisher: Classical Historian
Item: 45757
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The Take a Stand! series teaches students how to be historians. They learn not what to think or memorize, but how to analyze the events of the past. This unique approach makes the student an active participation in the analysis of the past. This is the best of critical thinking, Socratic discussion, and analytical writing in history. The Take a Stand! series is not a set of textbooks, but rather thinking, reading, speaking, and writing guides. Take a Stand! shows the student how to be a historian. You will need to use history texts and documents to complete the Take a Stand! method.

History Content: The Fall of the Roman Empire, Islamic Civilization, Medieval China, Medieval Africa, Medieval Japan, Medieval Europe, Civilizations of the Americas,The Renaissance, The Reformation, The Scientific Revolution, The Age of Exploration.

Thinking and Writing Skills: Fact or Opinion? Judgment, Supporting Evidence, Primary or Secondary Analysis, Using Quotes, Paraphrasing, Thesis Statement, Conclusion, Outline for a One-Paragraph Essay, Rough Draft for a One-Paragraph Essay, Taking Notes, Thesis Statement for a Five Paragraph Essay, Rough Draft for a Five Paragraph Essay, Revising, Documenting Sources in a Text, Works Cited, Typing Guidelines, The Cover Page and Checklist, Thesis Statement for a Multi-Page Essay, Counter argument, Analyzing Primary Sources, Cause and Effect, Compare and Contrast, One-Paragraph Grading Rubric, Five-Paragraph Grading Rubric, Multi-Page Grading Rubric.

Teacher's Key: Explanation of how to use books, how to teach the tools of history, how to lead a Socartic discussion, and how to teach analytical writing in history. Comes complete with sample student essays, sample grading of essays, and answers for research assignments.

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