America's Federal Holidays

America's Federal Holidays

The True Story

by John De Gree, Michael Allen (Editor)
Publisher: Classical Historian
Trade Paperback, 59 pages
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Americans have forgotten the meaning behind its federal holidays. In efforts to revise our country’s history and to increase our leisure time, our federal holidays have lost their power. We don’t appreciate the peaceful passing of power from one party to another that takes place on Inauguration Day. We don’t recall who inspired Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We overlook the courage and perseverance of George Washington, the Father of Our Country. Independence Day has become a day of fireworks and feasts, instead of a remembrance of liberty and sacrifices. Memorial Day and Labor Day have become a way to mark the beginning and ending of summer. Christopher Columbus has moved from a place of honor, to dislike, to ignorance in the minds of most. Many schoolchildren falsely believe the first Thanksgiving was held so the Pilgrims could thank the Indians. And Christmas, an official federal holiday, is a word that is not even uttered in public places for fear of offending someone. America’s Federal Holidays, The True Story© promotes the heroic people and events that are the reason for America’s federal holidays. This book will encourage Americans to appreciate the shared history of our people, understand the meaning behind each day, and strengthen our citizens and our republic.

Each lesson contains a short text, 10 questions, and the book is beautifully illustrated by the celebrated artist Jason Pearson.

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