Teaching the Socratic Discussion in History - Teacher and Student DVD Program

Teaching the Socratic Discussion in History - Teacher and Student DVD Program

by John De Gree
Publisher: Classical Historian
77 pages
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1. The Grammar of History
2. The Tools of the Historian
3. How to Research and Read History Texts
4. The Socratic Discussion
5. Analytical Writing in History

This is not a history content curriculum but a teaching and learning method that is essential to teach your child how to be a critical and independent thinker, speaker, and writer in History. This DVD course does not cover content but teaches the student how to approach all history.

If you want your student to become an independent thinker and an effective communicator, this is the program for you.After this DVD course, the student will know how to distinguish between fact and opinion, make good historical judgment, analyze primary or secondary sources, use quotes effectively in argumentation, how to paraphrase historical text, how to analyze and answer interpretive questions in history, how to conduct research, how to participate in a Socratic Discussion in History, and how to write analytical essays including: Writing an Outline, Writing a Rough Draft, and Revising. The completeDVD course includes over seven complete hours of instructional taping, 13 class lessons, a student course booklet and parent guide.

If you are a parent or teacher who has never learned history with a classical approach, this is an excellent product for you to learn along with your student! This course should begin any secondary (age 12-18) history program as it teaches the skills needed to analyze history and write analytical essays.

Give your child the tools to understand and compete in a modern society by preparing him with essential thinking, speaking, and writing skills.

As part of this curriculum, the teacher may become certified to teach in a co-op setting using the Classical Historian. In the comfort of your home, complete the homework activities and mail in your responses to The Classical Historian. For home school educators, you will be listed on a national registry of certified teachers that will be located on this website.

Table of Contents of Book That Accompanies the DVD Program:

I. How to Use This Training Book and the DVDs

II. Introduction, on DVD #1a and 1b (Shortened and Extended Versions)

III. What is Classical Education in History?, on DVD #1

IV. The Thinking Tools of the Historian, on DVD #2 The Tools of the Historian DVD

V. Six Essential Thinking Tools of the Historian, on DVD #2

VI. Open-Ended History Questions

VII. The Fall of the Roman Empire, on DVD #2 (DVD lessons 7, 8) with student/child - a Practice Socratic Discussion

VIII. Teaching with the Socratic Discussion, on DVD #2 (lesson 9) with student/child

IX. The Writing Process for a One-Paragraph Assignment, on DVD #2 (lessons 10, 11, 12, 13) with student/child

X. Advanced Thinking Tools of the Historian on DVD #2 (lessons 14, 15, 16,17)

XI. The Writing Process for a Five-Paragraph Assignment, on DVD #2

XII. Grading Essays

XIII. The Essential Tools of Literary Analysis

IV. Encouraging Family Discussion at the Dinner Table

XV. Teacher “Homework” for Classical Historian Teacher Certification

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