Story of the Naval Academy

Story of the Naval Academy

Landmark #84
by Felix Riesenberg
Publisher: Random House
©1958, Item: 28108
Hardcover, 176 pages
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Thirty miles east of Washington, imposing white buildings look out on the mouth of the Severn River at Annapolis, Maryland. This is the United States Naval Academy where 4,000 midshipmen are in training to become officers in the mightiest navy the world has ever known.

A line of small sailboats is moored at the sea wall. On the river, Academy yachts ride at anchor and Yard patrol boats maneuver. The rhythmic tread of marching feet can be hears as squads of midshipmen go to their classes. Or the Naval Academy band fills the air as the entire Brigade swings across Worden Field in dress parade.

To this picturesque spot come thousands of young men who have passed the highest physical and mental tests. Four years later they go forth to the fighting ships of the Fleet as officers of the United States Navy.

What happens in between makes up the The Story of the Naval Academy by Felix Riesenberg, Jr. This is an exciting account of the daily routine, strict discipline and spectacular events that make up a midshipman's schedule. It is also the life story of the heart of the United States Navy from its earliest days.

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