Andrew Jackson: Pioneer and President

Andrew Jackson: Pioneer and President

by John Parlin, William M. Hutchinson (Illustrator)
©1962, Item: 86998
Library Binding, 80 pages
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When Andrew Jackson ran for President in 1828, children sang that the election was between:

"John Q. Adams who can write
And Andrew Jackson who can fight."

Jackson had always been a good fighter. At fourteen, he fought in the American Revolution. Later, as a general, he fought the British again and was the hero of the Battle of New Orleans. He fought the Indians many times too, both on the Tennessee frontier and in Florida. Jackson was so tough that his soldiers nicknamed him Old Hickory, and so hot-tempered that his enemies feared him.

As President of the United States, Jackson fought for a strong federal government. The first President to come from the frontier, Jackson was one of the most colorful and determined leaders of the young nation.

John Parlin, a talented new writer with a love of history, has re-created Jackson's eventful life in a stirring, action-filled book.

—from the dust jacket

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