Sergeant Finney's Family

Sergeant Finney's Family

by Carol Farley, Leonard Shortall (Illustrator)
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If you just counted Sundays, it didn't seem so bad—fifty-two Sundays without Sergeant Finney. But Vietnam was so far away.

This is the warm, funny, and sad story of a year in the life of a family, a year of getting used to a new town, a new house, and new people. But most of all it is a year of counting the weeks until the return of husband and father.

For Mrs. Finney, it is a year of trying to be both parents to the four smallest Finneys. For Jenny and Patty and Becky, it is a year of up-and-down school marks, fearsome cows, and teasing boys. But for Alfred, it is perhaps the hardest year of all. He must try to be the man of the family, and he must try not to let it show how much he misses his father.

From Clocks Out Day through Peak Sunday, until the time of homecoming-Sergeant Finney's Family is full of smiles and surprises, and a special thing called love.

About the Author

Carol Farley has much in common with the Finneys. She and her children—Denise, Elise, and Roderick—also spent time waiting for their husband and father, an Army officer, to return from Vietnam. And the family is also familiar with Michigan, where Sergeant Finney's Family takes place. Mrs. Farley was born in Ludington, attended Western Michigan University, and now lives with her family in East Lansing.

Sergeant Finney's Family is the author's third book for Franklin Watts.

—from the dust jacket

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