by Molly Cone, Leonard Shortall (Illustrator)
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
3rd printing, ©1962, Item: 88798
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Pete Peters has always wanted a dog, and now that his family has moved from an apartment to their own house, he finally has his chance.  He answers an ad for puppies, but ends up with a full-sized dog that is just too friendly for his own good.  With Mish constantly getting into trouble, will he or Pete ever fit in?


"Dog-dog-I'm going to get a dog," Pete whispered to himself on his way to the new school where he didn't know any of the boys or girls or the teacher. It helped all the way to school to know he would get a dog that afternoon. Mish-mash wasn't an ordinary dog, though he had a real sense of humor and made lots of friends in the neighborhood. Mish-mash slept with Pete, knocking him out of bed, he "helped" the mailman deliver his mail; he put back the weeds in the neighbor's garden as soon as she had taken them out; he moved back a pile of junk a lady had cleaned out of her garage... a very helpful dog. When Pete's mother decided he was just too friendly, Pete had to find him a new home. He solved his problem and gave his teacher the greatest present she ever received, all in one wonderful gesture.

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