Seasons of a Mother's Heart

Seasons of a Mother's Heart

by Sally Clarkson
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Homeschool mothers have even more to worry about than moms whose kids are in school (who have plenty to worry about themselves). Aside from the normal concerns of housework, discipline and simply maintaining domestic order, the homeschool mom has to make sure her kiddos get their assignments done, too.

She's also with her children all day every day, and while this is of course God's intention, everyone knows that even the most obedient children can be exasperating and sometimes mom feels like she just needs a break. Sally Clarkson understands all this, but instead of encouraging mothers to escape and reconnoiter, she demonstrates how to find joy and rest even in the most chaotic circumstances.

A mother of four and veteran homemaker and homeschool teacher, Clarkson is conversational and forthright, admitting times in her own life when sin has taken the upper hand and how disaster has been (sometimes narrowly) avoided. While many books focus on the role of mothers as helpers of their husbands, Clarkson points out the many responsibilities particular to motherhood.

Like keeping the house in order, offering sympathy to her children, and maintaining consistent character instruction and discipline. As the title suggests, there are four sections each relating in some way to one of the seasons. Every chapter begins with a personal example from the author's experience and ends with applicable Scripture passages, a place for notes, and Clarkson's personal reflections.

This isn't so much a guide to homeschool motherhood as it is encouragement for those already in its midst. Clarkson maintains a conversational tone throughout and is more interested in pointing out the joys of life than dwelling on its trials, of which we're all well aware. Christ is central to everything she says, and it is that which makes her advice and wisdom particularly reassuring and restful for those caught in the perpetual storm of seasons that is homeschool motherhood.

This revised and expanded edition includes four new "ten years later" essays, one for each season of a mother's life, from the renewal of spring and the response of summer to the resolve of fall and the reflection of winter. Each of the twelve main chapters includes a brief Bible study, engaging small group discussion questions, and practical ideas for living the Word.

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