A Study for Ladies of Every Age

by Nancy Ann Wilson
Publisher: Canon Press
1st Edition, ©2016, Publisher Catalog #G-115
129 pages
Price: $12.00

This attractive, slim volume is a quick study on fourteen feminine virtues, which include humility, domesticity, hospitality and courage, among others. Nancy Wilson, in her typical plainspoken prose, writes with housewives in mind, but the book is lightweight enough that it will still be broadly applicable to most Christian women.

The fourteen virtues are of course not comprehensive, which she readily admits. What she does cover is for the most part extremely helpful, including an excellent chapter on modesty. She does however say that "God's cure for idleness in young women is marriage" which, while not necessarily untrue, is not necessarily helpful to young women (busy or not) who are unmarried through no fault of their own. That aside, this would be a great book for a casual study among married Christian women.


Review by Lauren Shearer
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