Runner of the Mountain Tops

Runner of the Mountain Tops

The Life of Louis Agassiz

Junior Literary Guild
by Mabel Louise Robinson, Lynd Ward (Illustrator)
Publisher: Random House
©1939, Item: 75296
Hardcover, 290 pages
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"Why?" "How?" The boy Louis, tending his mice, his rabbits, his snakes, asked the questions, his keen eyes bright with curiosity. The man Louis went in search of the answers, from Switzerland to Paris, to London, to South America, driven by his urge to know, to discover.

He was fascinated by all things that had life, and because his love awakened something real and exciting in them, they gave love back—not only the dumb creatures he studied and cared for, but the human beings too who came in touch with the brilliant, handsome man.

Here is the thrilling life-story of Louis Agassiz, one of the most gifted naturalists the world has known; here are his joys, his sorrows, his triumphs—and like an insistent echo, here is his eternal "why?"

This book is a Junior Literary Guild selection, having been chosen by the Editorial Board consisting of Helen Ferris, Angelo Patri, Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Mrs. Sidonie Gruenberg as an outstanding publication of the month for older readers (C Group).

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