Swiss Family Robinson

Swiss Family Robinson

Illustrated Junior Library Series 1
by Johann David Wyss, Lynd Ward (Illustrator), William H. G. Kingston (Translator)
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
©1949, Item: 72274
Hardcover, 377 pages
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For over a century this novel, written by a Swiss army chaplain, has entertained generations of boys as the perfect "desert island story". Only the island on which this famous family were shipwrecked wasn't a desert island! It contained all manner of flora and fauna on which the resourceful father, mother and four boys learned to subsist.

The wreck itself proved to be a treasure trove that supplied the Robinsons with everything they needed until they could explore their amazing refuge and build their ingenious tree house.

As the years passed and their memories of Europe faded, the Robinsons grew to love the land they had named New Switzerland. And one day, when a ship anchored offshore and they were offered a passage back to civilisation, they found they could not bear to leave. Their roots had penatrated too deep into the soil of this remote island home. There, every reader likes to think, they are still living in their comfortable house with their herds and flocks and thriving plantations.

Illustrated in colour and in black-and-white exclusively for THE ILLUSTRATED JUNIOR LIBRARY.

from the dust jacket of the popular edition

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