Martin Luther

Martin Luther

by May Y. McNeer, Lynd Ward
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Hardcover, 96 pages
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Few stories are more exciting than that of Martin Luther, the great reformer. At the risk of his life he cried out against abuses within the Roman Catholic Church and led the way to the formation of the Protestant churches, changing tremendously the lives of nations and of individuals.

Fond of learning, music, and fun, Martin Luther's decision to become a monk startled his family. But it was his defiance of the pope that put his life in constant danger. He faced trial before deadly enemies. He was kidnapped and carried off to live in a lonely castle, disguised as a knight. He was daily threatened with death by fire. Yet fearlessly and joyfully he pursued his high aims and lived a full, robust life besides.

This is a special and fairly rare biography of Luther. Based on sound research, McNeer's text is engaging and dramatic; Ward's illustrations are magnificent.

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