Robinson Crusoe (abridged)

Robinson Crusoe (abridged)

Illustrated Junior Library Series 3
by Daniel Defoe, Lynd Ward (Illustrator)
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
©1946, Item: 72272
Hardcover, 372 pages
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When Robinson Crusoe, an ordinary young Englishman, decided to go to sea, he little dreamed that he would soon be washed up on the shores of an uninhabited desert island where he would spend the next twenty-eight years of his life under dangerous and thrilling conditions.

Here is one of the greatest adventure books ever written, the story of how Crusoe managed to exist in comfort and safety entirely by his own wits and ingenuity during his stay on the island. How he built a house, secured food and even made a raft until finally the barren island became his home, forms one of the most absorbing accounts in literature. It is also the story of how Crusoe found Friday, his loyal servant and companion who devoted his life to Crusoe until they were finally rescued. Generations of children have acclaimed this book as one of their favorite stories.

The striking illustrations prepared exclusively for THE ILLUSTRATED JUNIOR LIBRARY add new excitement to this great book.

from the dust jacket of the popular edition


This edition from the Illustrated Junior Library series, featuring fantastic illustrations by favorite illustrator Lynd Ward, is unfortunately one of the most edited versions of Robinson Crusoe meant for children, with large sections cut from the text and concluding with Robinson Crusoe setting foot in England, which eliminates the end of the book, during which he becomes wealthy, travels the continent, fights off wolves, becomes a family man, and revisits his island!

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