Portraits of the States: Oregon

Portraits of the States: Oregon

Portraits of the States
by Liz Sonneborn
Library Binding, 32 pages
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This exciting new series gives young readers their first in-depth look at the United States.  Each volume provides a colorful, comprehensive portrait of a state's history, people, land, economy, and government.  Readers will enjoy the "Fun Facts" sprinkled throughout each book and learn even more about state facts, symbols, and famous people.  A chapter on "Things to See and Do" explores each state's unique places and activities.  Each title includes a time line, biographies of notable people, informative maps and charts, a glossary, recommended books and websites, and an index.


Lewis and Clark were sent to explore the Oregon area when it was part of the Louisiana Territory.  They found the Cascade Mountains and the Columbia River Gorge and soon sent out word of the area's great natural resources.  Pioneers soon headed out tot he open reaches of the Northwest in search of a new life.  Today's Oregonians have enacted some of the country's first laws concerning recycling and lead the way in protecting the environment.  The town of Portland is the birthplace of Matt Groening, creator and animator for The Simpsons.

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