54-40 or Fight!

54-40 or Fight!

The Story of the Oregon Territory

by Bob Young, Jan Young, Barry Martin (Maps & drawings)
Publisher: Julian Messner
©1967, Item: 87965
Hardcover, 189 pages
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In 1846, the United States and Britain had moved to the brink of war. In dispute was an area stretching from Spanish California to 54' 40", the latitude of Russian Alaska. Here was a section of country rich in furs and it was not long before British interests established the Hudson's Bay Company, under the leadership of Dr. John McLoughlin who protected his country's interest with a benevolent but iron hand. His job was to keep American traders out of Oregon.

But the migration to the west had long begun — first with the intrepid Yankee seaman, then the legendary American trappers, followed by traders, missionaries and settlers. By 1843 they decided to form a provisional government. Supported by fellow Americans east and west of the Mississippi, patriotic fervor reached fever pitch with the battle cry "54-40 or Fight!" At the same time, the Indians suddenly attacked. Survival meant uniting both the American and British forces, to fight a common enemy.

This book captures the colorful personalities whose exploits shaped the destiny of the Pacific Northwest, and tells the story of how a dispute that threatened war was transformed into the basis for a just and lasting peace.

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