Mystery of the Roman Ransom

Mystery of the Roman Ransom

by Henry Winterfeld
Publisher: Harcourt
Trade Paperback, 217 pages
Price: $7.99

Historical Setting: Ancient Rome

It seems the boys can do nothing right: Their teacher's fiftieth birthday is long past (they should have done their math homework); the servant they bought him as a present is actually a secret courier, running for his life (they should have bought the lion, instead); and the message he's carrying requests the assassination of a Roman senator—the father of one of the boys. But whose?!

Once again, it's up to the seven young detectives to save the day. Can they figure out which senator is in danger and protect him? Or will they mess that up, too?


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  Saving the Senator
Susanna Z. of Augusta, GA, 6/17/2016
" 'He who wants to advance cannot look backward,' " Xantippus quoted, "We're not going to let hope fade away so easily, my dear pupils."

In this mystery, the pupils of the Xanthos School really can't look backward. They always have to look forward and try other ideas to solve the mystery.

Sons of seven famous senators, the boys of the Xanthos school, Mucius, Caius, Publius, Julius, Flavius, Rufus, and Antonius, bought a slave for their teacher's "fiftieth" birthday. (It's actually his 72nd birthday.) They find out that the salve is a secret messenger with a note that could cost the boy's, their father's, their teacher's, and the slave's lives. It suggests the killing of a famous senator - it could be any of the boy's fathers. Who's father is it and how will they protect him?

"Mystery of the Roman Ransom" is a hilarious book filled with close calls, ending up in clueless corners, and one magnificent mystery. The boys - and Udo, the slave - learn that in order to find the answer, they can't go back to where they started. If the boys keep looking ahead, they'll find the answer somewhere. Although obstacles come at every corner, they figure out the answer to the mystery and save the senator.