Spy Who Came in from the Sea

Spy Who Came in from the Sea

by Peggy Nolan
Publisher: Pineapple Press
Hardcover, 129 pages
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Frank Hollahan, 14, and his mother have moved to Florida in order to join up with his father, a navy seaman fighting against the Germans. When his dad fails to meet them at the train station, Frank and his mother create a new life for themselves until the family can be reunited. The boy's tendency to exaggerate builds him a reputation in school as a teller of tall tales, so it's no surprise when his friends, mother, and teacher refuse to believe him when he informs them that he has spotted a German submarine out in the ocean, and what appears to be a spy on the beach. With the aid of a classmate who believes him and Wanda, a mysterious beach recluse, Frank sets out to prove the spy's existence and warn his neighbors of impending danger. He wins Wanda's trust and confidence and helps her overcome her stuttering and shyness, allowing her the opportunity to help him capture the spy and complete her education.

This adventure story captures the essence of life during World War II. Secondary characters are believable and likable. Friendship and strong family ties are an integral part of Frank's new life. Using factual information about German spies landing along the Florida coast, Nolan has created a fast-paced adventure that is a real page-turner.

Janet Gillen, Great Neck Public Library, NY
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