Men Against the Sea

Men Against the Sea

by Charles Bernard Nordhoff, James Norman Hall
Print-on-demand paperback, 252 pages
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Unsurpassed as a gripping tale of historical adventure, Men Against the Sea is the epic account of the eighteen loyal men who, in the aftermath of the mutiny on the Bounty, are set adrift on the high seas in a 23-foot open launch, with Captain William Bligh at the helm. Alone on uncharted waters, the men struggle to survive on scant rations, taking pains to avoid war canoes and inhabited islands under cover of night. Their 3,600-mile voyage from the island of Tofoa in the Friendly Archipelago to the Dutch East Indies remains to this day one of the greatest feats of courage and endurance in maritime history.

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FLAWS: Violence, language
Summary: Capt. William Bligh and eighteen men are set adrift by Fletcher Christian's mutineers and travel almost 4,000 miles in an open boat.

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