King Arthur and His Knights

King Arthur and His Knights

World Landmark #5
by Mabel Louise Robinson, Douglas Gorsline (Illustrator)
Publisher: Random House
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Ideal reading for boys and girls aged 10 and up.

Fourteen centuries ago there lived a king about whom the story tellers of the world have spun some of their finest tales. For this was no ordinary king. He ruled in the days when there were many kings and fought at a time when nearly every question was decided by force. Yet he won the throne when he was only a boy, too young to joust with the other contenders for the crown.

His name, we are told, was King Arthur. His right to the throne was established because he alone could pull a sword from an anvil of steel in the churchyard. To the common people he seemed a Heaven-sent leader. To the jealous knights and neighboring kings he seemed an imposter to be opposed with full battle force.

With his Knights of the Round Table, King Arthur pledged himself to defend the poor and the weak. In those days people had no share in governing themselves, and harsh overlords could herd them around like the cattle of the field. As King Arthur and his knights learned of these cruelties, they rode forth in full armor to right the wrongs and establish justice and peace. Through the years the stories of King Arthur have grown in sequence and importance. Not only are they exciting tales of the clash of armored knights in battle against a tyrant king. They are also the stories of men who gave their lives that others might live in peace.

As she retells the famous stories of King Arthur and his Knights, Mabel L. Robinson brings new warmth and drama to these legendary heroes of the days of old.

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