Life of Saint Patrick

Life of Saint Patrick

World Landmark #17
by Quentin Reynolds, Douglas Gorsline (Illustrator)
Publisher: Random House
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The boy Patrick opened his eyes and listened to the strange voices on all sides. Where was he?

Something was wrong, indeed! Patrick had been taken captive in Roman Britain by the Irish Sea King, Niall of the Nine Hostages, and was being carried across the sea to be sold as a slave.

Patrick, thus snatched from a comfortable home, faced his captivity in Ireland so bravely that he drew from it new friendships, knowledge, and skills. Most important, he discovered his life's ambition, for during those miserable years he determined that someday he would share with the pagan people of Ireland his own beliefs in God.

Quentin Reynolds, author of The F.B.I. and other popular Landmark Books, tells us how St. Patrick went about attending his goal. We follow Patrick as he escapes and wanders over strange seas and through distant lands, overcoming the obstacles that hinder his return to Ireland. We stand with him on the Hill of Tara as he defies the wild Sea Kings and their shrewd pagan priests in the heroic act that changed the direction of a nation's history.

To get the material for this story, the author went to Ireland where he visited the scene of Patrick’s labors and heard the tales that are still told about the island’s saint. The result is a vivid account of a man who lived fifteen centuries ago, but whose influence remains so strong that it can still be felt in the Irish air and wherever upon the earth the sons and daughters of Ireland have settled.

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