Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding - Textbook

Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding - Textbook

by Harold Jacobs
3rd Edition, ©2003, ISBN: 9780716743613
Hardcover, 780 pages
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On the first edition: "This book is fantastic. I am enjoying it to the fullest. The students think it is terrific. To quote one of my students, 'When I get bored with classes, I can always read my geometry book.' "
— Susan Gill, Chairman, Mathematics Department, Sandia High School, Albuquerque, New Mexico
On the new edition: "The number one strength of the Second Edition got even better in the Third Edition—this book communicates a love of mathematics to the reader. The authentic connections it makes with a wide range of disciplines and the infusion of recreational topics and examples make this book the perfect complement to the dynamic math teacher. I can't think of many other math textbooks intended for high school student use that are so enjoyable to read."
— Kevin DeVizia, Geometry teacher, Delaware Valley High School, Milford, Pennsylvania
"This is one of the great geometry books of all time. It is the finest example of instructional artistry I have encountered. Harold Jacobs loves geometry, and this book shows this. Its thousands of photographs, diagrams, and figures draw the reader into the material . . .

For Jacobs, the exercises are the beating heart of the book. You first will notice that they are beautifully illustrated with real-world material. As you read, you discover that they are engaging, carefully sequenced, and structured so that students discover ideas for themselves."
— Donald J. Albers (from the Foreword to the Third Edition)

In this new edition of Harold Jacobs's revolutionary text, you will find all the features that have kept the text in a class by itself for nearly three decades—plus a number of innovations—all in a thoroughly revised, full-color presentation that shows today's students how much fun geometry can be.

New to this edition:

  • More focus on informal and paragraph proofs reflecting current NCTM standards and recommendations.

  • New and diverse examples from around the world, ranging from ancient to modern times that show students the universal nature of geometry and its uses.

  • A third more exercises than the previous edition—nearly all the exercises are either new or revised.

  • Problems from the SAT are included in the exercise sets. (See entries in the Index.) These exercises guide students through the SAT problem-solving process and take them beyond to deeper understanding.

  • The thoroughly redone art program, now in full color, brings this book to a new level. Over 2200 new photographs, drawings, and cartoons illustrate new examples and exercises.
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