Elementary Algebra - DVD

Elementary Algebra - DVD

by Cassidy Cash, Harold Jacobs
Publisher: Master Books
List Price: $95.99 Sale Price: $76.79

Algebra is where you start to apply abstract thinking to everyday arithmetic. Once a student understands basic arithmetic, the idea of a variable, and the basics of graphing or plotting points - they are ready to dive into the world of algebra.

This course offers the student and parent a solution to learning algebra and preparing them for geometry and math success. The students are guided through the Jacobs textbook with video lessons covering each topic and working examples as needed. Taught by Cassidy Callahan, who has been teaching math in classical and private schools for the last few years. Cassidy offers a fresh and entertaining look at algebra.

The DVD in this set includes approximately 12 hours of video following the textbook (which must be purchased separately).

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