French and Indian War

French and Indian War

Prelude to American Independence

Perspectives on History Series
by Mary Alice Burke Robinson (Editor)
Publisher: History Compass
Trade Paperback, 64 pages
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Historical Setting: Canada, North New England, 1755-1763 A. D.

The mid-eighteenth century saw a struggle for colonial supremacy between France and England in North America. The commercial value of land in New England, New York, Canada, and the Ohio River Valley—for fishing, trapping and important waterways—led to skirmishes and major battles which would end in the French being all but driven from the region.

In this book, excerpts from the journals and letters of British, French, colonial and Indian participants give important insights into the tactics of the warring factions, and suggest why the outcome of this war led to the colonists' revolt against British rule only thirteen years later.

Excerpts include the writings of Robert Rogers, William Johnson, John Thomas, Robert Eastburn, Peter Pond, M. de Montcalm, General James Wolfe, Henry True and others. Also included is Robert Louis Stevenson's poem, Ticonderoga.

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