Spanish-American War

Spanish-American War

America Emerges as a World Power

Perspectives on History Series
by Mary Alice Burke Robinson (Editor)
Publisher: History Compass
Trade Paperback, 64 pages
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Historical Setting: The Caribbean, Pacific Ocean, 1898 A. D.

In 1898, American troops fought in what Secretary of State John Hay referred to as a "splendid little war" in Cuba and the Philippines. In its effort to oust Spanish rule in those colonies, the United States opened the door to world power for itself.

Excerpts from the writings of Teddy Roosevelt, the "yellow journalists," war correspondents, and American soldiers give the reader a sense of the fervor with which the Americans engaged in this war. The photographs from the war, an account of Clara Barton, the key role of Black regiments, recollections of the Rough Riders, and the poetry of Stephen Crane add to the story.

More foreign correspondents from the United States covered this war than any previous one, and the significant role of the journalists can be felt in the coverage of the explosion of the USS Maine, the charges up San Juan and Kettle hills, and the romantic and melodramatic coverage of two Cuban damsels in distress.

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  Puerto Rico Was Not That Easy
Dr. Elfren Rios of Puerto Rico, 10/17/2008
On the page 59 says that all the towns were surrendering very easy.That is not completely true. There were some combats held on different towns on Puerto Rico, the most remembered was one known as the Battle of Asomante, held on the mountains of Aibonito. American soldiers and a captain died on that battle. The puertorricans and the Spaniard defend that place, and the General Miles had to send a ship to San Juan to ask the Spanish governor to tell the soldiers of that area to stop the battle. There were also others battles held on other towns on Puerto Rico, like Coamo and Mayaguez. If any one needs some information about the battles held on Puerto Rico I will be glad to give that information, write to my email Thanks