by Brian Wildsmith
Publisher: Eerdmans
Hardcover, 38 pages
Price: $21.00

The story of the exodus and the rescue of the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt is one of the greatest stories in the Bible.

With vivid, richly detailed illustrations, Brian Wildsmith captures all the major events of this powerful and exciting tale—Moses in the bulrushes, the burning bush, the plagues that afflict Egypt, the Passover, the crossing of the Red Sea, the journey through the desert, the Ten Commandments, and finally the arrival at the Promised Land.

God's guiding hand is always evident, particularly as He leads His people through the desert with a pillar of cloud and fire.

And in Wildsmith's hands, this familiar journey comes alive against the stunning backdrops—from the great palaces of ancient Egypt, to the vast expanses of Sinai's mountains and wilderness, to the place God's people can finally call home.

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