Iron Charm

Iron Charm

by Joanne Williamson, Brian Wildsmith (Illustrator)
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Historical Setting: Europe, Rome, 6th century

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Marcus Anician Balburius Maecius, a young Roman patrician, was kidnapped and sold into slavery during the transitional years of the sixth century.

A slave on a slave ship bound for Constantinople, Marcus, now merely Marco to his oarmates, received an iron charm for remembrance from another unfortunate slave. With the charm hanging from a string around his neck, Marco tried desperately to return to Rome and his father. The way home was long and filled with danger—danger from the noble slave owners and their cruel whips, danger from the encamped barbarian hordes and their wild games, danger from the impoverished Briton heathens and their human sacrifices, and the ultimate danger of believing in the old gods of the iron charm.

In his pilgrimage, Marco touches the lives of the people who become the rulers of the century—Justinian and Theodora, Arthur and Guinevere. And, before he reaches Rome again, Marco has experienced all the vagaries of life which sixth century Europe can offer.

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